Like many of us Big Z “Zeze” is a huge fan of music & during his young years, during the early 80’s he would attend popular venues like McGreevy’s, Prime n Tender & Rainbow Roller Rink where Freestyle & House music where breaking ground in the Chicago Music Scene. Fascinated by the culture & scene and meeting great promoters, radio djs & industries individuals really motivated Zeze to do big things, that lead him to host his own events at his families restaurant in Waukegan, IL. in the spring of 1985 and the following year he launched Big Z Productions hosting huge Concerts & Dance Parties all over the suburbs and eventually the City of Chicago.

Since 1985 Big Z Productions specializes in producing the Best Freestyle and House Music Concerts & Events in Chicago & the midwest. Every year thousands of devoted music fans witness the Biggest & Baddest spectacles in the grandest venues that Chicago has to offer along with Quality Entertainment provided by our cutting edge Artist, Djs, Host & event planners to bring you the very best of tomorrows music entertainment.

Now Big Z Productions in partnerships with some of Chicago’s Elite Promoters join forces to bring you absolute premium quality music entertainment. Since 1985 Big Z Productions has hired 100’s of Artist, Djs, Radio Host & Industry professionals we continue to improve the music scene in the midwest. Please join our Facebook page & signed up to our newsletter @ for Latest News, discounts & free tickets giveaways as we hope to meet you in person at one of our events…

Big Z Productions